Providing Our Clients with Competent and Consistent Support in Their Everyday Business
About Us

Sophisticated Business Process Management Solutions

Our Assurance:

• Provide high-quality, value-added professional service.

• Deliver cost-effective, practical solutions and feedback that assists management in making informed decisions.

• Maintain mutual respect, ensure proper and effective communication and promote constructive feedback.

• Generate ideas that translate into value creation and contribute to the future success of an organisation.

Eave at a Glance:

We are Eave, a specialised advisory and business process services company, enhancing management’s function and providing our clients with competent and consistent support in their everyday business.

Service to Clients:

We assist our clients in maintaining profitable and cost-efficient operations; and we are well suited to add value and provide specialised, meaningful and quantifiable advisory services.

Outsource Your Non-Core Work Processes


An efficient and successful business requires innovative and smart processes to stay ahead.

Leveraging Collaboration for Long-Term Success:

Outsourcing secondary business processes and their strategic planning allows an organisation to utilise external talent and benefit from excellent service and expert support.

Key Objectives:

Risk management

Develop business process strategies that deliver on an organisation’s objective

Enhancing the management function

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