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An efficient and successful business requires innovative and smart processes to stay ahead. At Eave, we opt for innovation through Business Process Optimisation (BPO). Our primary objective is providing our clients with competent and consistent support in their everyday business. Our services span across the process management of crucial business functions. 

Leveraging Collaboration for Long-Term Success

Outsourcing secondary business processes and their strategic planning allows an organisation to utilise external talent and benefit from excellent service and expert support. We’ll meet your business demands with the purpose of helping you achieve greater business value.

Dedicated to continuous improvement

Flexible, efficient and professional

Ready to improve productivity and enhance revenue

Sophisticated operational management strategies

Eave at a Glance

We provide bespoke strategies for Business Process Management.
We enhance management’s function and provide strategic Business Process Management consulting. We do this through process standardisation that improves an organisation’s efficiency and efficacy. Thus, ensuring that an organisation’s focus is only on its core operations.
We study an organisation’s business processes, and develop strategies that are aimed at improving productivity, managing operational costs and enhancing revenue.

We enable our clients to execute, optimise and realise their business strategies by providing them with outsourced business-support processes. Our solutions are designed to work within our clients’ environment.

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Enhancing management function, by developing business process strategies that assist organisations to deliver on their objectives. #Eave #ServiceToClients #BPM #IM #partnerfirst #bestrundigital #sappartneredge

What’s happening in SA isn’t good. 🇿🇦

As a company, we sat down today and agreed that action is more important than tweets or open letters.

We will launch a campaign to create 30 jobs in 30 days and show how entrepreneurship can make a real difference.

Stay tuned. 👊🏼

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