Fact Sheet

Strategic Investments

Eave Asset Management

Eave Asset Management (Eave AM) operates as a strategic investment arm of our operations. Eave AM has a sole mandate to own and/or partner with businesses, on behalf of Eave Capital, that primarily provide organisational solutions that simplifies business processes to improve organisational efficiency, performance and promote operational agility. Eave AM aims to create value by investing and supporting technology-led companies that improve businesses’ everyday functions. We have an industrialist vision and follow a patient and disciplined approach to search for companies that provide bespoke industry solutions. Eave AM deploys the firm’s capital, and targets businesses that are typically found in asset-light service businesses or product businesses which have a strong service component.

Investment Strategy

We are growth investors and seek strategic investments in the small and medium-sized enterprises. We will typically focus on rapidly expanding industries and markets, where new technologies and services are being developed

Investment Role

• Operational and Strategic Support

• New Market Development

• Governance and Compliance

• Upgrading of Management Control Systems

Our Focus

• Return on Equity

• Strong Profit Margins

• Company’s/Market Growth Potential

• Historical and Future Earnings Potential

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